Ksenia Phillips | Avi & Jenya Wedding Stationery
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Avi & Jenya Wedding Stationery

This wedding stationery is inspired by the Bob Marley song, “One Love.” The wedding took place over the course of 3 days. The challenge was to create a dual language (English and Russian) invitation representing all 3 days in one cohesive piece. The first day is influenced by Bali, the second by India and the third by Russia. The invitation consists of 3 cards with a custom die cut for each. Patterns and colors are other main components differentiating the wedding days. A hand-painted watercolor background ties everything together with the colors inspired by Bob Marley.


The entire wedding experience was branded from luggage tags to the exterior drive-up banners. Foil stamp, UV coating and blind embossing were implemented into the print collateral.


photos by Tin Can Photography




Design, Illustration